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Der Digitale Planet, from 1998 (audio only, available for download)

Der Digitale Planet was a conference held in 1998, in Germany (I think). Unfortunately, there is very little about it on the web, as a Google search shows. You can find some video (in rm format), but the quality is very low.

The speakers were five writers/scientists that I like and admire: Douglas Adams, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Jared Diamond and Steven Pinker. In the conference, they discuss literature, science, religion, evolution, cognition and other topics that have interested me ever since I can remember.

I have extracted the audio from the video available on YouTube, filtered it a little (sorry, I am not an audio engineer), and split it into files. You can download them (in mp3 format) from my Google Drive.

The introduction is in German. All the other files are in English. Enjoy.


Podcast of “The Rosetta Dream”

HPR LogoI have read my short story “The Rosetta Dream” for an episode of the Hacker Public Radio podcast.

You can listen to the episode using the player below or you can visit the HPR web page for the episode.

[audio |titles=The Rosetta Dream |artists=Julian Neuer on HPR |initialvolume=90]

Here are the show notes:

Julian Neuer ( tells his short SciFi story “The Rosetta Dream”, inspired by the writings of Steven Pinker and Jared Diamond.

In the 21st century, the Rosetta Project produced a disk containing 13,000 pages of information about more than 1,500 languages spoken on Earth today and in the recent past.

But what happens if the disk is found by our descendants in a very distant future where information is not transmitted by verbal languages anymore?