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My translation of Rubel’s O Velho e o Mar

O Velho e o Mar

(When you awake inside)

Lança o barco contra o mar
Venha o vento que vier houver
E se virar, nada

Pega a mala que couber
Vira a estrada sem saber
E se perder, calma

Beija a boca da mulher
Tira a roupa sem pedir
E se sorrir, fica

Bebe o copo que encher
Diz pro amigo que é irmão
O que nem tem palavra

Lança o barco contra o mar
Venha o vento que houver
E se puder, voa

(When you awake inside)

The Old Man and the Sea

(When you awake inside)

Set your sails against the sea
Let the winds blow where they may
If your boat turns, tread water

Pack your suitcase, if life fits
Take the road you did not choose
You find or lose, it’s all right

Kiss the woman in the mouth
Lose your clothes, do not ask
And if she smiles, you lie down

Drink whichever glass is filled
Find your brother in your friend
No words to describe it

Set your sails against the sea
Let the winds blow where they may
Spread your wings and take flight

(When you awake inside)

More information about Rubel here or here.

Here’s missing the girl in the taxi. Wish we could have talked more.


Four versions of Lennon’s I don’t wanna be a soldier

Very different styles, each one reflecting the spirit of a decade.

Cowboy Junkies (2005)

Mad Season (1995)

John Lennon (1971)

The official version from the Imagine album, last track on side A (does anyone ever mention album sides these days?).

John Lennon (early take, 1971, with George Harrison)

Is Science Fiction narrow?

Jon Orwant, from Google Research, introduces author Kim Stanley Robinson and gives us a nice quote from AI pioneer Marvin Minsky comparing Science Fiction and “regular” literature (about 1 minute):

Kim Stanley Robinson is currently one of my favorite authors. The first book I read by him was Shaman, a novel about a human tribe in the Paleolithic, around 30 thousand years ago. In this “Authors at Google” talk, he reads one of the most beautiful passages (about 5 minutes):

I suggest you watch the entire video.

Leonard Cohen on writing and “slogans”

A 2-minute excerpt from a 2009 interview.

But in writing, if you can discard the slogans that naturally come to you, especially in a highly politicized time, like we are now, with gender politics, and regular politics, and environmental politics, you know, where there’s a good thing to say about everything if you’re on the right side. These times are very difficult to write in, because the slogans really are jamming the airwaves. So writing is a very good way if you’re interested in —
What do you mean by “the slogans”?
Well, what is right. What is right. What is the good position. It’s something that goes beyond what has been called “political correctness”. It’s a kind of tyranny of a posture. A kind of tyranny that exists today, like what the right thing should be. So, those ideas are swarming through the air like locusts, and it’s difficult for the writer to determine what he really thinks about things, what he really feels about things. So, in my own case, I have to write the verse and see if it’s a slogan or not, and then toss it. But I can’t toss it until I’ve worked on it and seen what it really is. So, I find that process of writing the verse and discarding it until I get down to something that doesn’t sound like a slogan, that doesn’t sound like something that’s easy, that surprises, that surprises me.